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Logbook loan lending personal criteria - do you qualify?

Personal affordability for Logbook Loan applications

To receive a cash logbook loan from Logbook Money, we undertake a personal affordability check along with other procedures (including vehicle checks) to determine your personal loan affordability.

Logbook Money will lend against cars of any age, make or model and with no hidden fees for taking out a loan with Logbook Money. You will be made aware of all the repayment terms when you apply for your logbook loan.

Below, we have outlined the process, Logbook Money undertake to make sure you are eligible for a logbook loan and that you can personally afford to repay the loan:

Applying for the logbook loan

1.  A customer first determines how much they’d like to borrow and over their desired time period (between 18-48 months).
2.  Either online or over the phone, a customer submits their logbook loan application to our team.
3.  Our team will then undertake a Logbook Money affordability assessment to ensure you are eligible for a logbook loan. Some of our personal eligibility processes include checking that:

  •  You’re aged 18 or over
  •  You hold a UK bank account
  •  You have regular income from work or sufficient pension/benefit payments
  •  We also verify affordability through Open Banking

Before the personal affordability checks

Before we’ve carried out the necessary personal checks, it’s crucial that we have carried out vehicle eligibility checks. This includes checking that:

  •  Your vehicle (used for the loan application) is road legal, taxed, insured and MOT’d.
  •  You are the legal owner of the vehicle
  •  The car used is free from any outstanding finance.

If your loan application is successful, we will require some signed documents from you and then the money can be transferred into your account within 24 hours!

To apply for your logbook loan online, click here

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