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Logbook Loans Experts - About Us

We offer cash logbook loans for car owners

There are some times in life when things just don't go the way you'd planned.
Sometimes the car breaks down, or a minor accident occurs, or you are injured and have to go to the doctors or a hospital if it's really serious.

The list of unfortunate situations that an individual can possibly find themselves in is rather expansive, but the common theme is that they all result in sudden and unexpected loss. If those situations further involve the loss of money, Logbook Money can be of tremendous assistance.

Sometimes making a payment can wait for a few days, weeks, even months, but most times there's at least some on the spot fee or charge involved. People don't often carry hundreds or thousands of pounds on them; in some cases they can't even afford to pay on such short notice. They physically don't have that kind of money available at arms reach.

If that's a situation you've found yourself in, the services offered by Logbook Money can be of tremendous value to you. Whether you have no cash on hand to back up the claim that you're good for the money, or won't get paid for a few weeks, there's an option available to you.

The way it works is that you have to own your car, That's it! As long as you own a car, you can get a loan, often within 24 hours of applying. If you fit that criteria, you're eligible for a loan from Logbook Money. It doesn't matter if you're self employed, a contractor a part time or full time employee. As long as your car can be financed by you, they can potentially provide you with the loan you're after. You won't be expected to make the payment back within days; the repayment period can be arranged to suit your particular situation and if you're late on a payment, they're always happy to discuss available alternatives as long as you make the effort to pay it back within a reasonable period of time.

Logbook Money offer a discreet service that won't pry into your private life hunting for financial information to leverage against you. They'll arrange appointments or phone calls at times that suit you, so you can avoid having to have an awkward conversation in front of your spouse or work colleagues. You aren't limited to solely refinancing your car in order to get a loan either (although it's definitely a valuable option!). You can arrange to have any loan repayments automatically deducted from your salary each payment until the loan is repaid in case you're not prepared to risk losing your car (if things should take a turn for the worse and you were unable to repay the loan).

Logbook Money specialises in providing quick cash loans for whatever you require (within the limits of the law) and will endeavour to assist you in getting out of the debt or trouble you're currently in, whilst ensuring you're able to cope with meeting the repayments. The best part is that while you're paying the loan back, your car will stay with you. It won't be taken and kept in storage until you can pay the loan back. In fact, it won't ever leave your side the entire time.

Some companies will make you jump through all kinds of hoops in order to get that kind of loan. You may even spend an hour filling out paper work with other loan companies, only to find that they still can't (or won't) loan you the money because you don't meet every single stringent criteria. The Logbook certificate is the only piece of paperwork that will remain with Logbook Money for the duration of your loan. Once it's paid off, you'll have it returned to you.

Another condition that needs to be met relates to the physical condition and ownership status of your vehicle. The car you're financing against must be insured. You can't owe any money on the car to another company at the time of the loan request. It must be valuable enough to warrant providing the amount of money being requested of the loan. Apart from that, there aren't too many things to be concerned about with regards to eligibility of the loan with Logbook Money. As long as you can show that you're able to pay back the loan and that your car is worth the value of it, you'd do well to enlist the services of this company.

Don't waste time filling out tremendously lengthy and time-consuming forms, hoping to be approved for a loan. If you meet all the criteria necessary to apply for a loan as mentioned above, do yourself a favour and talk to one of the friendly staff at Logbook Money today.