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Logbook Loans Newcastle

Newcastle-Based? Apply online for your logbook loan

As you go through life, you need a helping hand. Sometimes you need someone to turn to for your emotional needs, spiritual needs or even financial needs. Whatever the reason, a helping hand is always welcome. When your finances are low and a matter comes up that requires you to get a lump sum amount of money, you need your financial helping hand to come through. At logbookmoney.com, we have been offering a helping hand to our clients in times of need. Our logbook loans Newcastle are a fast way of getting the much needed money on short notice. Upon contacting us on phone, we can have a short discussion and if we think you are eligible, we give you an approval pending the confirmation of documents. For the verification of the documents, you need to produce the original car logbook officially registered in your name. It is also important to confirm to us that you have not taken any other loan against the car. Also, the car has to be fully insured and in good condition with a MOT certificate of roadworthiness. If these things are in order, we need to view the actual car for verification purposes. Unlike other financial institutions, we do not ask you to fill numerous forms with prying questions.

Having confirmed that everything is in order, you can proceed and fill in the loan application forms as we agree on the repayment process. If you have a salary, we can arrange a deduction from your account on the due date. If on the other hand you have a job that pays on any other schedule like every 3 weeks, we will arrange the repayment schedule to match your income period. Once that is settled, we release the money to your account. You can expect to receive the money in your account from 2 hours to a maximum of 24 hours. With the money in your hands, you can attend to the urgent matters at hand. During the repayment period, you have the liberty to enjoy the services of your car as usual. No one can tell you have a loan against your car because it will always be by your side. The only thing we keep is the car logbook certificate which we gladly hand over to you upon completion of payment. We only ask you make sure you keep the insurance up to date and to maintain the car in a good running condition. During the repayment period, you should try your best to keep to the schedule agreed. If any unforeseen circumstances lead to a delay or failure to make a payment, we request you to communicate early to enable us make other arrangements. Depending on the nature of the problem, we may reschedule. If you need a logbook loan Newcastle that you can count on anytime, we are your helping hand.

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