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Logbook Loans Leeds

Leeds-Based? Apply online for your logbook loan

Life in a big city can sometimes be lonely especially if you do not have family or friends around. When you are faced with an urgent financial obligation, there are very few people to turn to. You may consider turning to workmates or getting an advance from your employer. However, both options are not very appealing considering you would have to expose your financial matters to them. One of the best options you can explore is to get a logbook loan from a reputable company.

At Logbook Money, we have the capacity to offer logbook loans to our customers at very fair market rates. We have conducted our business with the highest standards of professionalism which is the reason many people refer to us as the leading logbook lender in Leeds. We have tailored our products to suit the needs of the market. You can therefore consider us your financial partner of choice.

Once you approach us with a request for a logbook loan, we take you through our simple application and loan approval process. We then confirm that the logbook of the car is officially registered in your name. This information is enough for a loan approval pending a physical inspection of the car. We then ask you to arrange viewing of the car. You are required to note that we can only give a loan against a car that is finance free. Also, you should have cleared any taxes as well as possess an MOT certificate of roadworthiness. However, the value of the car determines the amount of loan you can qualify for. You cannot qualify for a loan that exceeds the value of the car. While we proceed with the process, we maintain a high level of confidentiality. We at no time call anybody related to you in relation to your loan application. This includes your employer as well. This is because we treat your loan application as a personal matter thus we cannot involve anyone else.

Having established your eligibility, we take the next step which involves filling the application forms and signing. We also agree on an easy repayment plan based on your income trends. Your ability to repay is one of the factors we look at keenly. This is because even though we hold the logbook of your car and can repossess it and resell, it is in our best interests if you can make the repayments comfortably to give us a chance of doing business in future. Upon signing the documents, we are in a position to release the funds for your Leeds logbook loan to your account. This deposit usually takes anywhere between 2 hours to a maximum of 24 hours.

A feature of our logbook loans you will like is the fact that we do not ask how you intend to spend the money. Once we have sent it to your account, you are free to spend it as you please to sort out your emergency.

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