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Logbook Loans London

London-Based? Apply online for your logbook loan

The only thing that is certain about life is that no one can tell what the future holds. Just because life is kind to you today is no guarantee that tomorrow will be the same. It is just when you are comfortable that the unexpected happens. A sudden illness, a car accident or even a court judgement against you can mean you are required to come up with a sudden lump sum of money. If you are low on savings borrowing the money is the only option left to you. You may decide to borrow the money from friends or relatives but that can be a problem if they are not in a position to help or they are simply unwilling to.

Another option can be going to the bank. The bank option too has its own complications. It takes time to materialise and there is a chance you may be denied the emergency loan. If however you have a car registered in your name, you can get a logbook loan in London.

At Logbook Money, we are in a good position to offer you a logbook loan within 24 hour of application. In most cases, you get the loan in just a few hours. We offer a wide range of logbook loans London and cash advances to help you get back on your feet.

Your current employment status does not affect the outcome of the loan application. Whether you are employed, work a contract job or even a casual job, you can still be considered as long as you show some proof you can make the repayment. Upon approval, we need you to show a commitment of how you will make the repayments. The payment does not have to be weekly or monthly but will be based on your earning cycle. If you work on contract and get paid after 6 weeks, then the repayment schedule will be pegged on that period. If you get paid monthly, then you can repay on a monthly basis.

The most convenient feature of getting a logbook loan in London from us is that you continue to have full and unlimited use of your car during the period you are repaying the loan. All we ask is that you insure the car as usual and maintain it in a reasonable running condition. You only hand in the car’s original logbook to us to act as security. When you make your last instalment, we are very happy to release the documents to you. However, should you encounter or anticipate any difficulties in repaying your instalments, we urge you to inform us as soon as possible. We can discuss the matter and work out a solution as long as you show a resolve to make the pending payment. We only take legal action to repossess your car after a long period of default and you do not make any effort to make the overdue payments.

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