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Logbook Loans Manchester

Manchester-Based? Apply online for your logbook loan

The city of Manchester is known for its world famous football teams. The city is also big and extremely busy. If you are a resident of the city, everyday is a rush against time and an effort meet deadlines. As you go about your busy life, you may be jolted by a sudden financial emergency requiring you to raise a good amount of money. The emergency may be a result of a medical bill or accumulated utility bills. Due to the high cost of living, you may not have any savings in the bank or even any other source of immediate cash. If you choose to borrow, the bank process is usually complicated and takes time with no guarantee of getting a loan.

On the other hand, borrowing from family and friends may be out of the question because it is not a good idea to expose your problems to other people. In such a situation, the best option open to you is to turn to a logbook lender.

At Logbook Money, we have the right Manchester logbook loan solution for you. As long as you own the car and it is registered in your name, we can organize a logbook loan for you. Once you contact us for the loan, we talk to you and ask a few questions and explain to you how the logbook loan process works. If we are satisfied with your answers and you are okay with the process, we give you an interim approval pending the verification process. The process involves checking a few details. We make a confirmation that you are the official owner of the car and also that you have paid all applicable taxes on the car.

In addition, you car should have a valid insurance and you may not have taken any loan against the car. If you meet these simple conditions, we make a quick physical inspection of the car for verification purposes.

With the formalities done, you can come to our offices to fill and sign the Manchester logbook loan application forms. In the process of filling the application, we also discuss the repayment terms. Our loans come at reasonable interest rates and we also extend easy payment terms. Our concern is on your repayment ability. As long as you earn an income, we can plan the repayments to fit your income schedule. It therefore does not matter what type of job you do and whether you are in formal employment or not. What is important is that if you usually receive your money after 5 weeks, we schedule your payments to match the same duration. Once you sign the application, you can expect the money to be dispatched to your account in between 2 hour to a maximum of 24 hours. You can still keep your car and drive it as usual while we keep the car’s logbook as security. We welcome you to contact us for an emergency Manchester logbook loan.

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